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Cross-Pollinations Series


September 13, 4-6pm (BSB 163)

Sarah Igo (Vanderbilt University), "Bodies of Data and ‘Data Bodies’: Inventing the ‘Surveillance Society’ in the 1970s"

October 4, 4-6pm (BSB 163)

Emily Martin (New York University), "Toward an Anthropology of Experimental Psychology"

November 19, 4-6pm (BSB 163)

Peter Hegarty (University of Surrey), "Latour's Graphism Thesis and the History of Psychology: A Partial Mapping of some New Territories"

November 29, 4-6pm (BSB 163)

Jill Morawski (Wesleyan University), "Silent Subjects and Lively Objects: Toward a History of Psychology's Research Participants."

BSB 163 is the large conference room on the main floor of the Behavioural Sciences Building at York University. A campus map can be found here.

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