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October 29th, 2013 at 12pm

Martin Wieser, Universität Wien

Writing a historiography of psychology's visualizations. Challenges, methods, ideas.

In my talk I will discuss the historiographic and epistemological relevance of visual material in academic psychology. My research is focused on a
specific type of images in academic psychology, that is, the use and function of the visualizations of psychological theories and concepts. I am currently
still testing out different ways of analyzing images, which is why I will give a short introduction on the approaches I have applied so far. In my last paper
I have attempted to introduce ideas from Frederic Bartlett into the historiography of psychology. An example is given by following the transformation of the "lens," a pre-cognitivist theory of human perception, through different social and intellectual contexts. I am very open towards and thankful for suggestions concerning new material or different perspectives on the images under investigation.


Born in Salzburg, Austria, I studied psychology and philosophy in Vienna and Berlin from 2003 until 2010 and finished my PhD in psychology in June 2013.
Since October 2010 I am a PhD fellow at the Doctoral Program "The Sciences in philosophical, historical and cultural contexts" at the University of Vienna,
an interdisciplinary program which is designed to connect the humanities with the natural and social sciences. I am currently visiting York University as
a research scholar and will be going to HU Berlin in the spring of 2014. My main research interest is focused on the history of visualizations in academic psychology and their cultural contexts, epistemological implications and practical consequences.



  • Address: BSB 163, York University
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